April 1, 2014

Tugas Akhir Sekolah "Recount Text"

Hi! This time, I'll share a post about my English exam material practice a few days ago. Yup, of course this is a practice exam before the graduation from senior high school. My English teacher gave us an assignment to make a recount text whose content includes about family, school, experience also goals. After that one by one of us have to practice in front of the class. Interesting, right? This is a recount text made ​​by myself, which know one day you also need a reference like this. May be useful ya.

My name is Arifa hanim. I was born on August 26th, 1996. I was born into a simple family that full of love. My father was a great man. He was born fifty four years ago in an area called Tanjung Mulia. For me, he was just not a head of the family but also a hero and a guardian angel for us. My mom was a super mom. Women aged forty seven years spent her childhood in Tebing Tinggi. I had a younger sister, her name was dila. Our age within four years, she currently sat in second grade Junior High School State 11th in Medan. Many people said that Dila and I were twins because our face were very similar. Both of my father and mother came from a family with a military background, they were fully educated with good manners and discipline. That was why they were also highly taught discipline to my sister and I. My parents always reminded of the important things “when you do good, do good to everyone, but when you do evil, don’t ever”.
I stepped on education at the age of five years, but since I was 4th years old, I was able to read fluently. Started with kindergarten and elementary school when I was 6th years old. For my parents, the child was a major asset in their lives. Thus education was paramount. With a good education and family background, the future of a child would be better. In terms of accomplishments, my parents said that I was quite proud of. Since sitting at the elementary school level, I often won various competitions, ranging from mathematics olympiad to small physician race. In 2008, I entered junior high school level . Still the same as elementary school, I used to participated in various olympic. And the summit was when I got the second rank of social science olympiad. I wanted my parents to be happy even if only through the small accomplishments. Next, I continued my education at the Senior High School State 7th Medan. And finally I reached the last years of school.
Time span very quickly. Everything was rolled up. Currently, almost my age eighteen. So many memories and experience had I passed in my life, both sweet and bitter. Every moments happened like a wonderful imagination that God has determined the destiny of my life. The most beautiful experience I ever got was when I could have my parents happy with my school achievements. Their smiles and their cries of happy was the biggest encouragement in my life. I had the worst experience ever in my life was when I lost someone that I loved, my grandfather. Liver cancer took his life at the age of seventy three years. My grandpa was eager to see me on my graduation, that was the greatest desire to see me finished college.
Therefore, before I lost more and more people that I loved, I wanted to make them happy first. I had desire to be an accounting experts. My biggest dream was only one, to continue studying in STAN. I promised myself that I would finish college be one of the best student on my graduation. That was all for my grandpa who now could only see me from heaven, for my parents who always supported and prayed for my success, for the people that I loved who always there when my sadness and happiness and especially for those who hated and underestimated me, maybe you said I couldn’t but I would prove that I could.

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